Garden Design Isabel Blaser

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Garden Barrocal, Loulé

Barrocal Loulé, Algarve

Garden-Design : Isabel Blaser
Architects: Patrícia Malobbia, Rogério Inácio, Jennifer Pereira, Miguel Costa       

The house is situated on a country hillside of Loulé,
the plot has 8000m2, 1200 m2 of it is designed outdoor area,
the remainder is rustic - with olive, fig, almond and carob-trees.

The 200 m2 lawned area contains palmtrees and some Strelitzia Nicolai to provide a bright green area of pleasant shade next to the pool area for the hot summer days.
The steep slope behind is structured by means of walls of trditional limestone with access by some small steps to the colourful planting of shrubs like Oleander and Plumbago.
The lawn and the vibrant plant life are a balanced contrast with the gravel-parts.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Garden Colina de Tunes, Algarve

Colinas de Tunes, Algarve

Garden Design : Isabel Blaser
Architecture : Isabel Blaser, Marco Schaaf

Situated on a country hillside near Albufeira, the plot has 4000 m2, 1000 m2 of it is designed as garden area, the remainder is rustic - with Olive, Fig, Almond and Carob-trees. 

House and garden have been designed as a architectonical unity.
 Succulent planting in non-iririgated spaces contrasts the shady space for the hot season with some palmtrees along with subtropical plants in the small irrigated area of lawn. 
The lawn is a balanced contrast with the gravel-parts. Vegetation and architecture work together to create a unity.

Garden Falesia Albufeira, Algarve

Small Garden Loulé, Algarve

Garden Lugano, Switzerland